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Dr. Mohan kherde related Selected Ph.D Theses, Videos, Other Information Sources - Articles

 आदरणीय डॉ. मोहन खेरडे सर यांच्याशी संबंधित निवडक पीएच. डी. प्रबंध, विडीओज, इतर माहिती स्त्रोत - लेख  

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आदरणीय डॉ. मोहन खेरडे सर यांचा पीएच. डी प्रबंध 

A Critical Study of Syntheses in Dewey Decimal

Classification Researcher - Kherde Mohan R.

Guide - Dr. Kumar, P S G -

डॉ. मोहन खेरडे सर यांच्या मार्गदर्शनाखाली झालेले फक्त 'शोधगंगा' वर उपलब्ध असलेले निवडक पीएच.डी प्रबंध 

Evaluation of Time Lag Between the Publication

of Information to Its Use in the Universities

Libraries in Maharashtra Researcher – Kene Neeta

Annaji Guide - Dr. Mohan.R. Kherde -

निवडक  विडीओज

1. Information About Knowledge Resource Centre by Dr. Mohan Kherde

2. Learning ManagementSystem and Librarian,Dr.Mohan Kherde,Director , KRC , SGB, Amravati University

3. LIS Research Scholars' Forum (LISRSF) Online session no. 4 @ what not to do in Research part 1

4. LISRSF- LIS Research Scholars' Forum Online session no. 4 @ what not to do in Research part 2

5. Webinar on Understanding API & CAS Process for Working Academic Library Professionals by BMN College

6. One Nation One Subscription(ONOS)

निवडक ईतर माहिती स्त्रोत - लेख  

1. Mohan Kherde -

2. Mohan Kherde -

3. Dr Mohan R Kherde -

4. Re-examine the Norms and Standards of AICTE with special reference to Library - Mohan Rambhau Kherde, Milind Babarao Anasane -

5. Academic Status of Library Professionals in Higher Education in India: Special Emphasis on Maharashtra - Mohan Rambhau Kherde -

6. Applicability of Inverse Square Law of Scientific Productivity in DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology - Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal) – Mohan R. Kherde-

7. Core Journals in the field of Library and Information Science – Mohan R. Kherde -

8. Contribution of library professionals from Vidarbha in the publication on libraryand information science - Sonali A. Deshmukh, Mohan R. Kherde and Neeta A. Kene -

9. Soft Skill Performance of Librarians’ Working in Institutions of Higher Education in Western Vidarbha of Maharashtra State in India - Supriya Abhijit Bejalwar & Mohan Rambhau Kherde - American Journal of Information Science and Technology, Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2021, Pages: 86-92

10. The research output of state universities in Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra: A scientometrics study-Bapte Vishal Dattatray, Kherde Mohan R. -

11. विद्यापीठ अनुदान आयोग विनियम २०१८ आणि उच्च शिक्षण क्षेत्रातील ग्रंथपाल -डॉ. मोहन रा. खेरडे - ज्ञानगंगोत्री - जून ते नोव्हेंबर २०२० (अंक  १ व २), पान क्र.१ -३४

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Kiran Desai related Selected Ph.D Theses, Videos, Other Information Sources

लेखिका किरण देसाई  यांच्याशी संबंधित निवडक पीएच. डी. प्रबंध, विडीओज, इतर माहिती स्त्रोत  

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    जन्म  ३ सप्टेंबर १९७१

निवडक  पीएच. डी प्रबंध 

1. Culturaland Human Aspects in the Novels of Kiran Desai A Study in Diasporic Consiousness

2. Diasporic Concerns in the Selected Novels of Kiran Desai Jhumpa Lahiri Meera Syal and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

3. Ecocritical Concerns In The Selected Works Of Kamala Markandaya Arundhati Roy And Kiran Desai

4. Subaltern survival strategies in Arundhathi Roy s the god of small things and Kiran Desais the inheritance of loss

5. Multicultural Approach and Cultural Conflict in the Select Novels of Anita Desai and Kiran Desai: An Analysis of Bye Bye Blackbird and The Inheritance of Loss

निवडक  विडीओज

1. Kiran Desai Interview: The World Arrived in Books

2. Author Kiran Desai on early success and the Booker Prize

3. Books seem more real than life: Booker winner Kiran Desai

4. Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai

5. Anita Desai biography in Indian English Literature

6. Kiran Desai biography and her Works/ Kiran Desai asa novelist / English Literature UGC / NET / SET

7. Anita & Kiran Desai at Kalam 2017

ईतर माहिती स्त्रोत 

1. Kiran Desai -

2. Kiran Desai -

3. Kiran Desai -

4. Kiran Desai -

5. Kiran Desai -

6. किरण देसाई -

7. किरण देसाई -

8. किरण देसाई -

9. किरण देसाई -

10. Multicultural Ethos and Conflicts of Globalization: AStudy of Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of LossMonis Nafees, Dr. Manoj Kumar and Faiyazurrehman-

Dadoba Pandurang Tarkhadkar related Selected Videos, Other Information Sources

 दादोबा पांडुरंग तर्खडकर  यांच्याशी संबंधित निवडक    ग्रंथ, विडीओज, इतर माहिती स्त्रोत  

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जन्म   ९ मे १८१४ -  मृत्यू  १७ ऑक्टोंबर १८८२ 

    विनम्र अभिवादन 

निवडक  ग्रंथ 

1. महाराष्ट्र भाषेचे व्याकरण – ग्रंथकार दादोबा पांडुरंग तर्खडकर -

निवडक  विडीओज

1. Dadoba Pandurang Tarkhadkar (महाराष्ट्रतिल समाजसुधारक ) MPSC/COMBINE EXAM-BY Sagar Sir (IN MARATHI)

2. महाराष्ट्रातील समाजसुधारक/maharashtratil Samajsudharak/दादोबा तर्खडकर/Dadoba Pandurang Tarkhadakar

3. Dadoba Pandurang | Modern Indian History

ईतर माहिती स्त्रोत 

1. दादोबा पांडुरंग तर्खडकर -

2. दादोबा पांडुरंग तर्खडकर -

3. दादोबा पांडुरंग तर्खडकर -

4. दादोबा पांडुरंग तर्खडकर -

5. तर्खडकर, दादोबा पांडुरंग -

6. दादोबा पांडुरंग तर्खडकर -


8. दादोबा पांडुरंग तर्खडकर -

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Dr. Dharmaraj K. Veer related Selected Ph.D Theses, Videos, Articles, Book Chapters, Conference Articles, Books Information, Other Information Sources

 आदरणीय डॉ. धर्मराज वीर सर यांच्याशी संबंधित निवडक  पीएच. डी. प्रबंध, विडीओज, - लेख, ग्रंथ माहिती , इतर माहिती स्त्रोत   

डॉ . धर्मराज वीर - असा मी घडलो गाथा ग्रंथपालाची - संपादन रणजीत धर्मापुरीकर व डॉ. मेधा धर्मापुरीकर  

आदरणीय  डॉ. धर्मराज वीर सर यांचा पीएच. डी प्रबंध

College of education libraries in maharashtra a survey Researcher – Dharmaraj K. Veer Guide - Dr. A.A. Vaishnav

डॉ. धर्मराज वीर सर यांच्या मार्गदर्शनाखाली झालेले फक्त 'शोधगंगा' वर उपलब्ध असलेले निवडक  पीएच. डी प्रबंध 

1. College library services in marathwada Researcher - Ghumre, Shivshankar Kondiba

2. College of engineering libraries in maharashtra state an analytical study Researcher - Kadam, Santosh Dnyanobarao

3. राजा राममोहन रॉय ग्रंथालय प्रतिष्ठान योजनेअंतर्गत महाराष्ट्रातील सार्वजनिक ग्रंथालयांनी घेतलेल्या अनुदानाची उपयोगिता : एक मूल्यमापन संशोधक विलास अशोकराव काळे

4. Vandalism in University libraries in Maharashtra An analytical study – Researcher - Sontakke Shivaji Narayanrao

5. Critical study of library management softwares Researcher - Katkar Mohan Ramrao

6. Mapping intellectual assets in Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded - Researcher - Kale Rajesh Deorao

7. Application of information technology in the deemed university libraries in maharashtra an evaluative study Researcher - Kshirsagar,Sugriv Gyanobarao

8. Security audit of college libraries affiliated to dr babasaheb ambedkar marathwada university Aurangabad Researcher - Kumbhar, Kalyan N.

9. A Webometric Study of Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra Special Reference to Library Webpages Researcher - Wadje Kailas Nagnathrao

10. Mapping intellectual assets in vasantrao naik marathwada krishi vidyapeeth parbhani Researcher Tekale Kalyan Uttamrao

11. A critical analysis of information technology usage in non grant college libraries of maharashtra state with special reference to non grant college libraries of marathwada region Researcher - Sangale, Sham Tukaram Guide – Vidhate H.G. & Veer D.K.

12. Users behavioural study of engineering college libraries in the marathwada region Researcher - Gaikwad Asha P.

13. Evaluative studies on e-resources in the development of academic libraries Researcher - Deshmukh Sonal Gajanan

14.  महाराष्ट्रातील शतकोत्तर सार्वजनिक ग्रंथालयाचा चिकित्सक अभ्यास संशोधकविजया भाऊराव सूर्यवंशी

निवडक  विडीओज

1. Intelligent CD / DVD Storage DC300

2. CD / DVD Repair Machine

3. Web Cafe for accessing E-resources- Knowledge Resource Center (Central Library)

4. Smart Card to stakeholders - Knowledge Resource Center (Central Library)

5. Webinar on Understanding API & CAS Process for Working Academic Library Professionals by BMN College

6. Preparing CollegeLibraries for NAAC || Dr. Dharmaraj K. Veer || BAMU, Aurangabad

7. NAAC Criteria for College by. Dr. Dharmaraj Veer Sir & DSpace Practical.

  वर्तमानपत्रातील निवडक बातम्या 

CD Library Inauguration News

National Workshop On Dspace in University Library News

One Day User Awareness Program on"Access to E-Resources under UGC-INFONET Digital library Consortium  Newspaper clippings 

Dr.BAMU Top Ten in Shodhganga News date 1/7/2016 

Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar related e-resources availble on University Website News

Springer Nature Author Workshop News

 Women Day E-Resources available on University Website News 

Not Central Library, Call it Knowledge Resource Centre

Workshop on Origin lab and EndNote News 

 विद्यापीठात साकारणार आंतरराष्ट्रीय दर्जाचे ग्रंथालय 

Open Day Program in University News Year 2013

Open Day Program in University News Year 2014

Open Day Program in University News Year 2016

Librarian Day Program in University Library News Year 2013

Librarian Day Program in University Library News Year 2014

Librarian Day Program in University Library News Year 2015

Librarian Day Program in University Library News Year 2016

 माहितीचा खजिना मिळणार एका क्लिकवर

संशोधकांना अभ्यासासाठी विद्यापीठात स्वतंत्र व्यवस्था (Research-Cubical-News- Year 2014)

 समृध्द ग्रंथालयाला मिळाली २० हजार पुस्तकांची भेट 

रिमोट एक्सेस ३० लाख ई पुस्तकाचा खजिना विद्यापीठाची पुस्तके जगभर वाचा - news

बदलला रीडिंग ट्रेंड ई -लायब्ररीचा वापर वाढला; पुस्तकापेक्षा संगणकाला डिमांड 

 विद्यापीठाची ई - लायब्ररी देशात चौथ्यास्थानी  

Workshop on Marathi Wikipedia News Year 2017

Workshop on Marathi Wikipedia News Year 2018

Ph.D Theses News - Year 2013

नियतकालिकातील निवडक  लेख (Selected Articles) 

1. Padmshree Dr. S.R. Ranganathan yanchyavyakatimatvacha Vedh

2. Granth Padtalani ani Gahal Granthachi Samsya vUpaya

3. Granthalaya Maharshi Dr. Ranaganathan : Jeevan v Karya

4. Paripurna Shalyea Granthalya Kalachi Garaj

5. Granthpadtalni ani Gahal Granthachi Samsya v Upay

6. Granthalaya Kayada

7. ISBN Rachana v Karypaddhati

8. ASLIB: The Association for Information Management

निवडक ग्रंथ प्रकरणे - लेख  (Selected Book Chapters)

1. RFID : Key to success for Librarians in IT Era

2. Shaleya Granthalyacha Adhyan- Adhyapan Samrudhitil Sahabhag

3. Public Libraries in Maharashtra

4. Collection Development in Modern Digital Era

5. Wachan Sahitya Sangrah Vikas ani Padtalani :Dhornatmak Adhyan

6. Granthalayin Jeevanat bhetlele ek AadarshVyakatimatv

7. Journey of E-Books Towards Kindle Fire HD

8. Mapping of Intellectual Assets of Agricultural Scientists with special Reference to Indian Citation Index

Selected Conference Papers

1. Sarvajanik Granthalayache Swarooup

2. Collection in college of education libraries in Maharashtra: A Study

3. Overall Satisfaction of Users in the College of Education Libraries in Maharashtra: A Study

4. World Peace Through Teacher Education with special references to India

5. Application of Delplus 2.0 to Library: A Practical Appraoch

6. Study of Authorship Trends in Indian LibraryAssociations Conference Papers

7. Promotion of Reading Habit in Libraries

8. Internet: A tool for modern library and informationservices in digital Era

9. E-Consortia: A New Paradigm in Online Resource Sharing

10. Application of RFID in Libraries

11. Impact of information communication and technology on library and library services

12. Digital Library Initiatives in India: An Overview

13. Institutional Repositories: An Effective Scholarly Communication Channel

14. Institutional Repositories: Enhance to Scholarly Communication

15. Re-engineering Library & Information Services & Resources in Modern Digital Era

16. Importance of CCTV in Libraries for better security

17. Application of TQM in Libraries

18. E-Journal Consortia: Reshaping the Future of Libraries and Information Centres in 21st Century

19. Role of Information Communication Technology in Library

20. Public Library in Maharashtra Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

21. E-Resources Services in Academic University Libraries

22. Role of Electronic Surveillance and Security in Dr.BAMU library Aurangabad

23. Impact of Information Technology and Libraries

24. Disaster Management in Libraries and Archives

25. Best Practices in Web 2.0 Environments

26. From Print to Electronic Resources : The Odyssey ofLibraries

27. Web Based Library Services in the Engineering College Libraries in Maharashtra State : An Analytical Study

28. Greenstone : Digital Library Software

29. Design and Development of Institutional Repository: Some Insights

30. College Library Services in Marathwada Region: A Study on Impact of NAAC Accreditation

31. Library Services in the Engineering College Libraries of Maharashtra State: An Analytical Study

32. Use of Internet in Academic Libraries

33. Case Study of Knowledge Resource Centre(KRC) of Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar Marathwada University,Aurangabad

34. Mahavidhyalayin Granthpalanche Prakashnathil Yogdan(Marathi)

35. Managerial Skills for Librarians

36. Library to E-Library

37. Ek Sanganikrut Aandnyawali : E-Granthalya

38. An Overview of Mapping of Library and Information Science Literature through Ulrich's Periodical Directory

39. Shodhganga Repository A Comparative Study with Special Reference to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad

निवडक ग्रंथ  माहिती (Book Information)

1. शालेय ग्रंथालय व्यवस्थापन

2. वस्तुनिष्ठ ग्रंथालय आणि माहितीशास्त्र

3. ग्रंथालय संघटन 

4. ग्रंथालय वर्गीकरण तात्त्विक 

5. Handbook of TeacherTraining College Libraries (Books published by Oxford Book Co. New Delhi)

6. The Doctoral Research: 1958-2010 Book Publised by Dr. BAMU, A’bad 

7. School Libraries in Nanded Region

8. School Libraries : AReview

9. Development of Newspaper Libraries

10. Handbook of  Engineering College Libraries. ABD Publishers , Jaipur

11. Digital Library , E-Resources and E-Publishing. Ess EssPublications , New Delhi

12. Transformation of Knowledge Resource Centers in Collaborative Era, (2 Vol Set) Agri –Biovet Press, New Delhi.

13. ग्रंथालय आणि माहितीशास्त्र आधुनिक तंत्र आणि पद्धती  

14. Advanced Applications of ICT in AcademicLibraries –Biovet Press, New Delhi.

15. राजाराम मोहन रॉय ग्रंथालय प्रतिष्ठान आणि महाराष्ट्रातील सार्वजनिक ग्रंथालये 

16. सार्वजनिक ग्रंथालय आणि ग्रंथालय कर्मचार्यांच्या उत्कृष्ट सेवा 

Other Information Sources

Dr. Mohan kherde related Selected Ph.D Theses, Videos, Other Information Sources - Articles

  आदरणीय   डॉ. मोहन खेरडे सर  यांच्याशी संबंधित निवडक पीएच. डी. प्रबंध,  विडीओज, इतर माहिती स्त्रोत - लेख   Image address:  https://www.sgba...