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 आदरणीय डॉ. मोहन खेरडे सर यांच्याशी संबंधित निवडक पीएच. डी. प्रबंध, विडीओज, इतर माहिती स्त्रोत - लेख  

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आदरणीय डॉ. मोहन खेरडे सर यांचा पीएच. डी प्रबंध 

A Critical Study of Syntheses in Dewey Decimal

Classification Researcher - Kherde Mohan R.

Guide - Dr. Kumar, P S G -

डॉ. मोहन खेरडे सर यांच्या मार्गदर्शनाखाली झालेले फक्त 'शोधगंगा' वर उपलब्ध असलेले निवडक पीएच.डी प्रबंध 

Evaluation of Time Lag Between the Publication

of Information to Its Use in the Universities

Libraries in Maharashtra Researcher – Kene Neeta

Annaji Guide - Dr. Mohan.R. Kherde -

निवडक  विडीओज

1. Information About Knowledge Resource Centre by Dr. Mohan Kherde

2. Learning ManagementSystem and Librarian,Dr.Mohan Kherde,Director , KRC , SGB, Amravati University

3. LIS Research Scholars' Forum (LISRSF) Online session no. 4 @ what not to do in Research part 1

4. LISRSF- LIS Research Scholars' Forum Online session no. 4 @ what not to do in Research part 2

5. Webinar on Understanding API & CAS Process for Working Academic Library Professionals by BMN College

6. One Nation One Subscription(ONOS)

निवडक ईतर माहिती स्त्रोत - लेख  

1. Mohan Kherde -

2. Mohan Kherde -

3. Dr Mohan R Kherde -

4. Re-examine the Norms and Standards of AICTE with special reference to Library - Mohan Rambhau Kherde, Milind Babarao Anasane -

5. Academic Status of Library Professionals in Higher Education in India: Special Emphasis on Maharashtra - Mohan Rambhau Kherde -

6. Applicability of Inverse Square Law of Scientific Productivity in DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology - Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal) – Mohan R. Kherde-

7. Core Journals in the field of Library and Information Science – Mohan R. Kherde -

8. Contribution of library professionals from Vidarbha in the publication on libraryand information science - Sonali A. Deshmukh, Mohan R. Kherde and Neeta A. Kene -

9. Soft Skill Performance of Librarians’ Working in Institutions of Higher Education in Western Vidarbha of Maharashtra State in India - Supriya Abhijit Bejalwar & Mohan Rambhau Kherde - American Journal of Information Science and Technology, Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2021, Pages: 86-92

10. The research output of state universities in Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra: A scientometrics study-Bapte Vishal Dattatray, Kherde Mohan R. -

11. विद्यापीठ अनुदान आयोग विनियम २०१८ आणि उच्च शिक्षण क्षेत्रातील ग्रंथपाल -डॉ. मोहन रा. खेरडे - ज्ञानगंगोत्री - जून ते नोव्हेंबर २०२० (अंक  १ व २), पान क्र.१ -३४

Dr. Madhukar Shewale related Selected Ph.D Theses, Articles, Other Information Sources

  आदरणीय   डॉ. मधुकर शेवाळे   सर  यांच्याशी संबंधित निवडक  पीएच. डी. प्रबंध,  इतर माहिती स्त्रोत - लेख                                      ...