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International Day of Peace related Selected Ph.D Theses, Videos, Other Information Sources

 विश्व शांती दिवस संबंधित निवडक पीएच.डी प्रबंध, विडीओज, इतर माहिती स्त्रोत 

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निवडक पीएच. डी प्रबंध ( Source: Shodhganga)

1. United nations andworld peace a study

2. Gandhian thought asa source of peace education

3. International peace keeping operations since 1945

4. History of the roleof Indian peace keeping forces under the aegis of United Nations Organisationsince 1947

निवडक विडीओज 

1. International Day of Peace - Facts

2. Peace Quotes

3. 15 inspiring quotes on Peace

4. InternationalPeace Day - September 21

5. Pasaydaan with lyrics | पसायदान | Lata Mangeshkar | Dhyaneshwar Mauli

6. Pasaydan| Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj | World Peace Prayer | Aarya Ambekar

निवडक माहिती स्रोत

1. International Day of Peace - wikipedia

2. विश्व शांति दिवस -

3. International Day of Peace Education Resource Packet Developed by theCenter for Cooperative Principles Educating for Unity, Freedom, and Goodwill

4. International Day of Peace September 21, 2013

5. विश्व शान्ति दिवस 

6. 21 सितंबर : अंतरराष्ट्रीय शांति दिवस आज


8. जानें पूरी दुनिया के लिए क्यों अहम बन गया है 'विश्व शांति दिवस'

9. विश्व शांति -

10. Poem Peace by Swami Vivekananda in English with meaning, Hindi, Bangla

11.  RabindranathTagore and World Peace - Kalyan Kundu

12. World Peace Through Teacher Education with special references to India- Dr. D.K. Veer

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vasant Kanetkar related Selected Books, Ph.D Theses, Videos, Other Information Sources

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