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Kiran Desai related Selected Ph.D Theses, Videos, Other Information Sources

लेखिका किरण देसाई  यांच्याशी संबंधित निवडक पीएच. डी. प्रबंध, विडीओज, इतर माहिती स्त्रोत  

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    जन्म  ३ सप्टेंबर १९७१

निवडक  पीएच. डी प्रबंध 

1. Culturaland Human Aspects in the Novels of Kiran Desai A Study in Diasporic Consiousness

2. Diasporic Concerns in the Selected Novels of Kiran Desai Jhumpa Lahiri Meera Syal and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

3. Ecocritical Concerns In The Selected Works Of Kamala Markandaya Arundhati Roy And Kiran Desai

4. Subaltern survival strategies in Arundhathi Roy s the god of small things and Kiran Desais the inheritance of loss

5. Multicultural Approach and Cultural Conflict in the Select Novels of Anita Desai and Kiran Desai: An Analysis of Bye Bye Blackbird and The Inheritance of Loss

निवडक  विडीओज

1. Kiran Desai Interview: The World Arrived in Books

2. Author Kiran Desai on early success and the Booker Prize

3. Books seem more real than life: Booker winner Kiran Desai

4. Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai

5. Anita Desai biography in Indian English Literature

6. Kiran Desai biography and her Works/ Kiran Desai asa novelist / English Literature UGC / NET / SET

7. Anita & Kiran Desai at Kalam 2017

ईतर माहिती स्त्रोत 

1. Kiran Desai -

2. Kiran Desai -

3. Kiran Desai -

4. Kiran Desai -

5. Kiran Desai -

6. किरण देसाई -

7. किरण देसाई -

8. किरण देसाई -

9. किरण देसाई -

10. Multicultural Ethos and Conflicts of Globalization: AStudy of Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of LossMonis Nafees, Dr. Manoj Kumar and Faiyazurrehman-

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